How to choose the stylish outdoor umbrellas?

In outdoor activities, it is necessary to have an outdoor umbrella. So how do you choose the right outdoor umbrella? First of all, we must understand the types of umbrellas. In the types of umbrellas, we mainly divide into the middle column umbrella and the side column umbrella. As the name suggests, the column umbrella is in the middle of the umbrella column, and the side column umbrella is the umbrella column next to it. There is also a high-end solar electric umbrella.

How to choose the stylish outdoor umbrellas?

When purchasing outdoor umbrellas, it should be based on your own surroundings and design style. It is best to choose aluminum alloy for the material, because the umbrella will not rust when placed outdoors, and finally choose the umbrella that suits you.

The first thing to look at is your surroundings. When the place is not very big, you can insert a parasol in the middle of the table. Then you can choose the middle column aluminum umbrella with all aluminum alloy ribs, drawstring opening and closing. It’s very convenient.

Because the center column umbrella is usually inserted in the middle of the table, the space occupied by the umbrella is relatively small. Suitable for small courtyards, balconies, etc. The side column umbrella can effectively utilize the space under the umbrella, and the effect of the sunshade is better. Due to the opening and closing and the space of the umbrella seat, a certain space is required on the rear side of the umbrella column.

Secondly, the umbrella frame is related to the length of time we use the garden umbrella. I suggest you choose the aluminum rib for longer use in the outdoor wind and rain.

How to choose the stylish outdoor umbrellas?

The last thing is to look at the shading effect of the courtyard umbrellas, which is related to the material of the umbrella cloth. Umbrella cloth is also divided into many grades, most of which are made of yarn-dyed fabric and sunbrella fabric, and their color fastness and UV protection are better. Sunbrella fabrics have a color fastness of up to 5 years.

With its beautiful colors, the courtyard umbrellas occupy an absolute mainstream position in outdoor furniture with light weight and simple shape. The use of this color brings people a healthy and bright experience. There are also some special outdoor furniture that are self-contained, using aesthetic principles to make the systemized furniture unified in the style, main body color and form composition, and form a unique characteristic style.

The appearance of the outdoor umbrella is convenient for some people who want to enjoy their leisure time. The courtyard umbrella is not only beautiful in appearance, but also the product price is relatively low. It is a popular commodity, which is very suitable for installation in the courtyard of the family.

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